Virtual Faxing Service

Virtual Faxing | When it comes to replacing a traditional on-premise phone system with a hosted solution, what to do with the fax typically comes up. That’s where Virtual Faxing comes in. In case you didn’t know, fax technology is not well suited for IP communications. This is due to its high sensitivity to latency and jitter. However, Paramount’s Virtual Fax solution allows you to use or replace your analog fax machines with ease. Our cloud-based fax technology uses fax servers to eliminate the problems typically caused by VoIP faxing. And like all Paramount solutions, our Virtual Fax offering has been designed to work just for you. You can choose from different ways to send and receive your faxes, so you never miss one.

Sending Faxes

With Paramount Virtual Faxing, send faxes from your desktop, laptop, or traditional fax machine to any fax number in the world. Enjoy the simplicity of sending faxes without the need to install additional software on your PC. You can easily manage your communications by maintaining all faxes and e-mails in a single application such as Microsoft Outlook. After sending an e-mail to a fax number you can choose to be notified by e-mail as soon as a fax has been successfully delivered. This feature is especially important if you are in a regulated industry.

Receiving Faxes

We make inbound faxing simple because we give you the option to receive faxes on an analog fax machine or in an e-mail. Fax to email is a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to traditional faxing because you can have your faxes delivered directly into your e-mail account. In either scenario, Paramount offers local fax numbers to cities throughout the world. Thereby providing you with a closer presence to your customers. Paramount’s Fax to Email Service also offers many additional features and benefits including:

  • Electronically store important documents
  • Delete unwanted faxes without wasting paper or toner
  • Quickly forward faxes to colleagues or associates
  • Real-time web reporting and management
  • Faxes are received in standard PDF format for easy viewing
  • Eliminate the need for costly fax machines, servers, and lines
  • Greatly reduce paper and toner costs