Hosted VoIP

Paramount’s Smart Technology Gives You

  • Lifetime Warranty. Budget your spending with fixed costs because Paramount’s Hosted VoIP includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Free Software Upgrades. Future-proof your voice technology with phones that will adapt. To explain, when we add a feature, you get a feature. And you get it for free! In short, you win!
  • Superior Call Quality & Reliability. Paramount’s Hosted VoIP voice quality is very high. You can enjoy HD quality calls. All you need is a fast internet connection and quality hardware.
  • Customizable. Your options are endless! And we will customize your configuration to work for your specific needs, whether simple or complex.
  • Noteworthy Customer Care. What’s more, get the response time, attention, and care you deserve from our experienced team.
  • Robust Features. Paramount offers an advanced and feature-rich system to provide you with features previously only available with more expensive solutions.
  • Scalable. Or course, you want it, and you want it now. In short, we get it! So, add numbers, extensions, and lines in real-time!
  • Flexible. Increasingly important is the need to work from anywhere. As a matter of fact, with Paramount’s Hosted VoIP you can work anywhere that has an internet connection, on any device. And all while maintaining your business presence at the same time.
  • Redundant. Paramount’s Hosted VoIP platform is, in fact, geo-redundant. That is to say, we deliver service from the industry’s leading co-location facilities, specifically in Arizona, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas.
  • Pricing. Pay-as-you-grow without capital expenses in the first place. As a result, you finally get some peace of mind.

Extension Dialing

We love options! Use 2, 3, 4, or more digit extension dialing.

3-Way Conferencing

Conference any 3rd party for a 3-way call immediately after making or receiving a call.

Call Rejection

Anonymously reject unwanted callers right away, and they never have to know. Or block a designated number, especially those pesky vehicle warranty callers.

Attended Transfer

Transfer a call to an extension, group, or phone number after announcing the party to be transferred.

Call Monitoring

Designated users can monitor and interrupt ongoing calls. For instance, they have the option to Listen, Whisper, & Barge.


Predefined options present to your caller. As an example, “Thank you for calling X. For sales, press one, and billing, press 2.”

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD is a software system that answers incoming calls and then routes them to a specific agent or department within a company—routing based on time availability, behavior, and priority level.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Indicates which phones are in use with a status on your display.

Call Flip

Transfer calls from one device to another quickly and effortlessly without interrupting your call.

Call Forwarding

Forward your phone number from either the portal or your device. And you may forward calls to any extension or phone number.

Call Hold

Place calls on hold, and your callers can hear music-on-hold or a custom commercial.

Call Indicator

Indicates incoming calls with available caller ID information while another call is in process.

Call Park

First, place a call into a fictional extension. Then pick up that call by dialing the parked extension number.

Call Queue

Route calls to a designated extension or group in a first-in-first-out manner. For example, callers generally hear something like, “Thank you for calling. All agents are busy. You are the Nth caller. Please hold for the next available agent or press N to leave a message.” When the call is ready to be routed, the ACD immediatetly handles the routing automatically.

Call Recording

Record calls for training or documentation purposes. Call recording is available with specific Paramount packages.

Call Routing based on business hours, after hours, & holiday schedule

Easily configured call routing based on business hours, after hours, and your holiday schedule, for example, departments with different hours of operation.

Call Return

Dial *69 to connect to the number that called you last.

Caller ID

You can customize the appearance of your outgoing Caller ID by number or extension.

Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking

Dial *67 to block your outgoing Caller ID on any selected outbound call.

Conferencing Bridge

Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in a password-protected conference call. Callers can be assigned talk-listen or listen-only access.


Connect CRM with your phone system and exchange data between platforms.

Customer Portal

Paramount’s Customer Portal is intuitive. So it’s effortless for you to make changes to your account, view call detail records and billing information, listen to and delete voicemails, and upload music-on-hold.

Directed Call Pick-Up

Answer a call from another extension. For example, if you’re not at your desk, hear a phone ring and wonder if it’s yours, dial the pick-up number and your extension. The call will transfer if it was to the number you entered.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Set-up a phone number to dial directly to a specific device or extension.


Send your calls directly to voicemail.

Find Me Digital Assistant

Set up a personal assistant to “find you” at up to 5 locations. This feature is configured per extension and offers multiple call routing options. For example, callers first announce who they are and then select locations to try next. Or they can leave a message.

FREE Calls to other Paramount Communication Subscribers

All calls “On-Net” are FREE. That means you won’t get billed for any calls to another user on your Paramount service or other Paramount clients.

Group Call Pick-Up

Allows you to answer a call from any ringing phone that is in the same group as you. If there is more than one phone ringing, you would have no control over which call you to answer.

Hot Desking

These days cubicles and offices may have multiple owners that occupy them at different times. Hot-desking is the process in which office workers do not have any assigned seating. Instead, they may “check-in” to an open seat.

Incoming Call Blocking

Blacklist phone numbers to block them from calling your voice system.

Incoming Call Identification

Identify an incoming call on the phone’s LCD by adding a custom prefix (ex: Sales, Support…)

Incoming Caller ID Routing

Route calls from a specified phone number to an auto attendant, extension, group, phone number, or call queue.

Instant Group Call

Designate a list of phone numbers that the system will automatically dial and added to an instant conference call every time a user calls the associated telephone number.

Message Waiting Indicator

LED notification, so you know there is a voicemail message left for you.

Mobile Twinning

Ring your cell at the same time as your extension.

Office Intercom

Dial another user’s extension, activating their speaker to make an announcement.

One Button Redial

Redial the last number dialed.

Outgoing Call Blocking

Prevent calls to specific numbers or services (ex: 900 numbers)


Make one-way announcements over IP phones and overhead paging devices.

Ring Groups

Enable multiple extensions to join a group. Then calls may be routed sequentially or simultaneously to that group.

Shared Call Appearance

Shared Call Appearance is currently a necessity. Assign more than one device to your user account so you can make and receive calls from, for example, a phone at your office, another phone at your house, or your smartphone.


Send and receive text and multimedia messages from your business phone number to maintain your business identity.

Sub-Level Auto-Attendants

Sub-level Auto Attendants are often used, for example, by departments within an organization. For instance, you may have a main Auto -Attendant for the company, then a Sub-Level Auto Attendant for sales, support, etc.

Toll-Free Numbers

Utilize one or multiple Toll-Free Numbers. Route your Toll-Free Number to a specific local number, auto-attendant, group, or queue.

Always On Auto-Attendant

Allow callers to select from menu options using a standard telephone keypad. A portal interface routes callers to extensions, mailboxes, groups, outside numbers, conference rooms, queues, or unlimited additional Auto-Attendants.

Time-Based Auto-Attendant

Available after “N” rings or based on time-of-day routing.

Unattended Transfer

Transfer a call to another extension, group, or phone number WITHOUT announcing the transferred party.


Associate a voicemail box with an extension.  Or use announce-only voicemail boxes which play a pre-recorded message.


When you receive a voicemail, Paramount will e-mail you the voice message in a WAV file as specified per mailbox.


The system can send a text message to your device to notify you when you get a voicemail.

Call Detail Records

Real-time call logging is available to you in the portal. Also, frequently called numbers can be “tagged” with text descriptions to make audits truly a breeze.

Call Volume Graphs by Time of Day, Month, Year, or Custom Dates

Histograms display calling patterns to clarify trends.

Call Traffic by Extension or Phone Number

Track the number of calls by extension or individual.

Detailed Accounting

Track orders, invoices, and all Paramount bills online.

Default Music On-Hold

Get royalty-free music provided by Paramount Communications.

Custom Music On-Hold

Or provide custom music and upload it through our customer portal.

Commercial Music On-Hold

Record your commercial and upload it to the system via our customer portal.

Commercial On-Hold by Location or Queue

Multiple commercials may be uploaded and can be unique based on location or queue.

Paramount’s Hosted VoIP Network Advantages

Paramount HOSTED PBX diagram

We built Paramount’s Hosted VoIP network with best-of-breed components. And with our service, you get a truly experienced team of industry veterans. As a result, you get quality service from an expert team so you can focus on your core business.

A clear difference, Paramount’s Hosted VoIP platform uses cloud-based technology that is geo-diverse. Therefore, multiple data centers share information in real-time. Consequently, you get a seamless system that withstands failover. Above all, this helps to avoid service disruptions.

While many carriers have redundancy plans relying on a primary and failover node, in contrast, Paramount’s system provides service concurrently across multiple locations in real-time. As a result, you can avoid service disruptions as calls are transferred automatically to any available node. For example, a voicemail left on a Philadelphia feature server can be retrieved on the New York server, even if the Philadelphia server is no longer available. Likewise, feature options like BLF and Park take effect across all servers immediately, so you never miss a beat.

Now, as network traffic grows, Paramount adds capacity specifically by deploying additional nodes. Subsequently, added nodes are automatically available to share call processing. And this all happens with zero downtime.  To put it another way, we expand to accommodate growth with zero impact on your service.

To conclude, you ultimately, without a doubt, can trust that our network reliability and advantages will improve the way you do business.