SIP Trunking Services


A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk is an inexpensive phone service alternative that allows your business to use your existing telephone system while taking advantage of Voice over IP technology and your broadband Internet connection. There are at least 2 ways of connecting your phone system to Paramount’s SIP Trunk service. First, if you have a phone system that is SIP capable, or has a SIP gateway add-on, you most likely will be able to connect to our SIP Trunk service. Or, you can use what’s called and Integrated Access Device (IAD) to connect to our service and we will help you choose the best device to fit your needs. Enjoy the benefits of SIP which include:

  • Affordability. Protect your investment and preserve your existing phone system’s capabilities by using your existing phone system.
  • Bring your own bandwidth. We offer the flexibility for you to select the bandwidth provider you prefer whether it is Cable, DSL, T-1, FIOS or Ethernet. You can use your existing service or we can help you determine what will work best.
  • Reliability. With selected SIP plans you can pre-configure the failover service, and you will have full access to self-manage and configure call routing, extensions, voicemail boxes, groups, and auto attendants.
  • Scalability. You can easily and transparently add SIP Trunk lines.  New SIP trunk lines can be provisioned remotely and in real time which is cheaper and faster than having your provider make an on-premise visit.